How much do you know about your dogs wellbeing ?

I adore by little dog Frankie but when it comes to his health, wellbeing and nutrition I am not as clued up as I would like to be. There are so many different articles on the internet which often contradicts each other and it often feels like I am drowning in advice that may not be from a professional and could be dangerous to my dog.

On my quest for knowledge I saw an offer on Instagram for Edition Dog magazine persuaded by a cute image of a puppy and free welcome box full of doggy goodies worth £20 I thought I would give it a try. Two Magazines arrived with the welcome box very promptly . My little sausage dog Frankie absolutely loved helping me open the box and wanted this toys and treats straight away, he was so excited that he jumped into the picture whilst I was taking it a few times.

I was very impressed with the welcome box, Frankie very much enjoyed trying out some new food he normally doesn't like trying new dog food but he absolutely loved the True Instinct High Meat Sachet, with no upset stomach later.

Over the past couple of days I have been enjoying reading Edition Dog Magazine, the advice is delivered by a range of professionals experts from Dog Trainers, Groomers, Vets and Nutritionists. The magazine covers a wide range of different and interesting topics and features regular inserts such as Recipes, Breed Focus and ask the Vet Section.

I often find myself not being able to put the magazine down, I have become really engrossed in reading and learning about my dogs health and happiness. In particular edition 15 has a insightful article on Food enrichment something I had not thought much about, but after reading the article I purchased Frankie a Lickmat which has provided him much enjoyment so far.I loved the fact that the issue came with a first aid full out which will be very useful, The articles are full of great items of beautiful dogs and written in a professional manner whilst being suitable for someone like me who is not as clued up.

I will certainly be continuing my subscription and look forward to using some of the knowledge I have learned from the magazines.

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