Dog Photography

Preparation Guide

To get the most out of your pets photo session and make it fun, it helps to be a little bit prepared beforehand. I have designed this quick guide to help you and your dog to prepare, this is only a guide not a rule book everyone's dog is different.

Before your photo session I will give you a quick call to find out all about your dog its temperament, mobility ,do they respond well to commands and likes and dislikes etc. It is important to let me know as much about your dogs character as possible as this will really help me to prepare for your dogs shoot.

Initial chat about your dog

Practice Commands/Tricks

If its been a while since you used obedience commands with your dog it can be worth its while just to recap and practice them again. Commands such as sit, stay and lay down are the main commands used in the studio and the easiest dog poses.

A Good Groom

We want your beloved pet to look fresh and their best for their photographs. A week before the shoot I would recommend a professional groom including nail clipping, trim (breed dependant) and wash. Some dogs like mine hate having a professional groom so a good brush and some doggy dry shampoo the morning of the shoot is a great idea.

Scissor and Shape Mobile dog Groomers


To avoid any accidents in the studio I recommend taking your dog for a good walk an hour before coming into the studio. This helps to burn off some energy and allows your dog to dry off if the weather is unpleasant. Please don't worry if your dog has an accident in the studio this is totally natural, the floors are all wipe able.

When it comes to food every dog is different. From my experience its best to avoid bringing your dog to the studio when they are sluggish from eating, as they are less responsive. Not feeding your dog for a couple of hours before the shoot can help your dog to focus.


Treats Vs Toys

If your dog loves treats please bring some along, treats can really help to encourage and motivate your dog. Treats are the easy magic solution to getting your dog to do what we want, however I have found dogs can become fixated on getting treats and also drool in images, I like to start off using your dogs favourite toy (squeaky toys work the best) instead then move onto treats if needed which is a lot of the time.

What to bring with you ?

Dog brush
Dog Towel if its been raining
Favourite treats smaller the better or broken up
Favourite Toy - squeaky toys are great to bring
Accessories such as bows, outfits and toys, collars.
Please bring your pet on a collar and lead.

A little about The Studio

The studio is pet friendly, After you enter the studio we will ensure both doors to the studio are firmly shut for safety. The studio has a vinyl floor so if any accidents do happen (and they do) they can be easily moped up.

The studio has tea and coffee making facility's located in the rest room, Richard the studio manager is usually on hand making brews so you can have a brew before the shoot begins enough time for your pet to explore and get acquainted with me and the studio.

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